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Monday and Wednesday
River Valley Civic Center
Perth-Andover NB


DRESS CODE:  Black t-shirts or uniform (uniforms will come later), black jogging pants, or something similar - you will need to be able to stretch.  If you have existing martial arts clothes please bring them and we can discuss. (Ex. black Kung Fu Pants).  Eventually we will all have the same uniform but this is not required to start.


FOOTWEAR:  *No* outside footwear.  The first reason is the dirt/snow/ice etc can not be tracked onto the floor as there are bare feet in class too.  2nd - Martial arts shoes only (we can discuss ordering them) and sneakers are NOT permitted as they have treads and will not allow you pivot correctly on the balls of your feet (too sticky) and may hurt another student and can damage the gear.    


Bare feet are fine as well.


Ages 7-12  Monday & Wednesday

13 yrs+ Monday & Wednesday

5:45-6:25 PM

6:30-7:30 PM

Please arrive early and be ready to go!

See you in class

No jewelry should be worn during classes as earrings, necklaces, rings, etc.

(See Kickboxing Page)

Come try a class!

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