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Kick Boxing

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New For 2023


Mondays & Wednesdays 7:30-8:15 PM

Bear with my while we get ready to launch classes and I will try to always reply to all emails, but during the week it is really busy and I have very limited access to internet services (for personal use) while at work during the day.


Thank you for your interest in the upcoming Kick-Boxing Classes.  Before the pandemic we had a good time in this class and we are going to try it again.  Last year was the 1st full year since the time away due to the virus.  We are glad to be back and able to now move forward with the plan for the Kickboxing classes.


Here is a little more info on what to expect.


No matter your age or your ability we plan to have fun and get in shape and get rid of the stress.  It has been my passion since I was 17 and I am now 55.


Many people do not want to take part in the belt ranking system of traditional Tae-Kwon-Do as  per the traditional path of structured martial arts, and I totally get that as I have done both.


The class is going to be fast paced and fun. It is NOT a "Tae-Bo" cardio only thing, but that is part of it.  You will also learn practical real kicks, combos and techniques that you can use that will enable you to defend yourself. 


Class Focus/Details:


1.  This class will focus on cardio with bonus of having the practical aspect of learning the kicks and the best kicks, combos with punching, some grappling which can be used for practical for self-defense when needed.

2.  I do NOT want you worried about getting hurt.  This is not a fight club and sparring is not mandatory.

3.  You will be able to light spar once we have everyone to a level of skill safe to do so, and we will pair those with similar skills, height and range. 

4. Students will need loose fitting NO logos & typically black sweat pants and black t-shirts. , and I strongly recommend atrial arts shoes. (more on that below).

5. We may also use some music to keep the beat.

6. Students will need to purchase sparring gear, mouth and groin protection.  (I can guide you on this for what is best, same as the shoes).


Footwear Options:


6. Foot wear is optional in most cases with one exception*.  In all cases, I strongly recommend martial arts shoes.  I have been doing this for a long time and I can save you the questions as to what is best by telling you what I use.  Best I have ever used to date, can be ordered from Kontact Sport in Montreal (Washu Shoes).  In the winter the floors are cold, and your feet do get dirty as it is not a dedicated space that we use.


*One exception to this optional rule is any evidence embedded toenail fungus,  In this case I will insist on martial arts shoes as it is EXTREMELY contagious and hard to get rid of.  Ask me how I know?  While in university at that time, I contracted this from either my class or the shower.  This requires as was a systemic fungal medication needed to get rid of , basically a prescription which was a systemic fungicide that requires liver monitoring to watch for side effects. This is a no go for class where you may  infect others. You will need to have that cleared up and if you do not, shoes will be mandatory.


The goal of this class is to make some friends, get active and have some fun doing it.


Bring a water bottle.  Do not eat prior to coming to class, you will not like that feeling.


I am sure I have likely forgot some things - but I am here if you have questions.  You can always email me: or message me on Facebook Messenger from the Pivot Point Facebook page.  I will also post all updates there for the classes, such as weather issues or closures of class for any reason.


See you in class!

Come check it out to see if it’s right for you!

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