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Beginners of all ages are welcome, you are NEVER too old to start! 

It’s the goal Pivot Point Fitness & Martial Arts to challenge our students both physically and mentally. Life can have tough moments and the most valuable skill to have is often our own self confidence and mental toughness. You cannot punch your way through life, as no one wins at that.


Students will learn and show:




Self Control


 develop an Indomitable Spirit


Our style follows a generations old, rigorous standard of belt promotion criteria and throughout this progression, it is the ultimate goal of an instructor to educate, motivate and set the example for the students, so they are then able to set it for others. 


For younger adults: martial arts will develop strength and endurance skills, along with real life self-defence - and I will work with parents to address their students specific needs, and the students will develop leadership skills learning from instructors who have extensive experience.


I believe in quality instruction over the quantity of students and I strive to maintain a high standard for myself as well as the students and we will not ask you to do anything we won't do ourselves.  If you do 50 push-ups, I do 50 push-ups.  


Instructors are lifelong students too, and this is an activity that I want you to have for LIFE, as I have had it.


The journey is not over when you get your black belt, it is just beginning.

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